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Aloemei Essence

Aloemei Essence
The magic effect of Aloemei Aloe Extract:
With special small molecule extraction technology, Aloemei Aloe Extract is extracted from pure aloe vera without addition of deionized water, essence, alcohol or colouring material. It is a concentrated pure aloe liquid in small molecules. It can create a protection shield on the surface of the skin to help diminish inflammation, kill bacteria, and moisturize and whiten the skin thus preventing pimples. With continuous use, It will help to keep the skin healthy.

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Content: 120 ml.
Shelf life: 3 years
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Product effect: Diminishes inflammation and kills bacteria, With the super aloe effect of diminishing inflammation and killing bacteria, it can kill various kinds of bacteria easily that cause skin problems, diminish pimple inflammation, prevent pimple infection and pimple scars. With continuous usage it will help to keep the skin healthy.

Super permeating effect: Nutritious and moisturizing pure aloe gel is a weak alkaline and is a natural skin protection. Nano-scale molecules in the aloe gel can transport the vitamins, mineral substances and polysaccharides etc, which are needed in the growth of skin cells, to the live cells in the corium to restore the activity of the tissue, therefore preserving skin elasticity.

High efficiency in moisture retention:
Amino acid, organic acid, polysaccharide and minerals in aloe vera are natural moisturizing factors (NMF), therefore it can become an excellent natural moisturizer, quickly restoring the moisture lost from the skin. With its unique hydrophilic interaction, it can absorb hydrophilic molecules from the air for up to 24 hours to keep your skin moisturized.

Isolation of radiation:
Nano - scale small molecule gel is even and smooth. While applying on the skin, it can form a physical mask to isolate the radiation from UV rays,environmental pollution and electronic radiation. It will prevent aging and staining caused by radiation. its unique hydrophilic interaction, it can absorb hydrophilic molecules from the air for up to 24 hours to keep your skin moisturized.

Cleaning dead skin cells:
Active hydrolysis protease in aloe gel can help in removing dead skin cells then creating a normal growing environment for the new cells. It will prevent skin from becoming rough and aged, help the skin to breathe, and with long period of usage, it will help the skin stay fresh.

Whitening and after sun repair:
Aloe extract gel has good repairing effect on after sun skin. It can efficiently control and prevent the forming of melanin, speed the excretion of melanin from the skin, thereby reducing the melanin caused by UV rays.

Aloemei Aloe Extract effect:
Quickly restore lost moisture from skin erosion, slow pore aging, tighten the skin up, while efficiently suppressing damage from free radicals, reducing wrinkles and melanin deposits caused by the sun, maintain whiteness , repair damaged skin and cause the skin cells to stay active and healthy. Aloemei Aloe Extract is extracted at low temperatures from organic Aloe barbadensis Mill, which has been verified by the USDA as safe for the skin without irritation and easy to be absorbed. It provides more suitable needs for healthy skin. Every woman should have a few bottles of concentrated, natural plant extract on her dressing table. Aloe extract is a functional skin care product which will efficiently help you to stay beautiful. The "extract" can by categorized by skin types: dry skin requiring more moisturizing elements; normal skin requiring more care, like whitening or wrinkle smoothing; oily skin requiring suppression of fat secretion and closing open pores. Aloemei Aloe Extract is 100% natural plant extract. It can thoroughly remove all the dirt left on the facial skin. While cleaning the skin, it provides a natural shield for the skin. Aloemei Aloe Extract can quickly change the quality of the skin by making the skin smooth and tender after a long period of moisturizing. It can balance the skin condition to make the skin look healthy. You may feel the soothing sensation of deeply cleaned skin. With its special moisture locking effect, it can improve the nutritional metabolism of the skin to make skin soft, smooth, wrinkle free and increase elasticity to prevent aging. at the same time, the moisture is a good transdermal absorption enhancer.

Directions for use:
Apply an adequate amount on the face after cleaning in the morning and evening, pat gently with hands until fully absorbed.
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