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We always ship using Hong Kong EMS Speedpost, the shipping costs are calculated according weight and destination. Actually, we pay more than we ask for the shipping, we pay around 18% from the shipping cost our self which means you get automaticly 18% shipping discount. If you like to check the shipping price yourself, please visit


Fill in weight, destination and choose Non-document as item type.
In case EMS Speedpost is not available to your country like for example Ukraine, we ship with double registered air mail.
Shipments sent via EMS Speedpost have tracking numbers assigned to each package, losses are therefore extremely unusual, however, in case of loss we will ship you order immediately again without any cost for the buyer, the package tracking numbers will be provided by email, the amount of time necessary to receive packages depends upon the destination country.but is usually 2 till 5 day's. To follow the progress of your shipment go to


and enter your 9 digit tracking number. We ship within 24 hours from receiving your order except in the weekends, Saturday morning (Hong Kong time) is the last shipment to go, orders placed later will be shipped Monday morning, Please keep in mind the time difference, Standard Time +0800 UTC Please note that we theoretically can not ship to a post box, we need a physical address because the goods are insured and there needs to be somebody to sign for collecting the package.
In case of any problem, please mail to: info@demodexsolutions.com


Because the nature of our products, it is impossible to make a general refund policy, we can guaranty that our products work if used for the right purpose, however we have no insight where people are using our products for neither if they treat in the way it is described, therefore refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management. If you have questions regarding a refund please mail us at Info@demodexsolutions.com
It is always a good idea to email us about your skin problem with as much details as possible before you order, in this way we can advice you which products are best to use. If some products were broken/damaged during transport then contact us and we will ship you a free replacement. Please try to make a picture from the damaged products and email to us
Return address: Demodex Solutions limited 1450 Chun Shing Factory Estate 85-89 Kwai Fuk Road Kwai Chung NT Hong Kong

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