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Once on the Checkout page you have the choice between two shipping options

EMS Speedpost and e-Express

e-Expres is the cheapest but is only available till 2 kg.
Delivery from 6 till 10 days.

The shipping costs are calculated acording weight and destination.

The ordered items are covered by an insurance against loss which is already calculated in the shipping price and a tracking number will be provided by us.

In case the e-Express option doesn't show on the checkout page it is probably because of the weight from your ordered items (Plus packing) is more than 2kg (4.4 Pounds) 
If this is the case, it can be more economical to split your order in two or more separate orders instead of using Speedpost.
e-Express can also deliver to post boxes and US Military.

To Track Your e-express order goto: 

Hong Kong post e-Express Tracking page

EMS Speedpost is the fastest shipping method but also more expensive, the shipping costs are calculated according weight and destination.
To make it a bit more cheaper we pay around 10% from the shipping cost our self.

If you like to check the EMS Speedpost shipping prices yourself, please visit:
Hong Kong EMS Speedpost postage calculator

Fill in weight, destination and choose Non-document as item type.

Shipments sent via EMS Speedpost have tracking numbers assigned to each package and need to be signed for, losses are therefore extremely unusual, however, in case of loss we will ship you order immediately again without any cost for the buyer, the package tracking numbers will be provided by email, the amount of time necessary to receive packages depends upon the destination country but is usually 2 till 5 day's. To follow the progress of your shipment go to:
Hong Kong post Tracking page

and enter your 13 digit tracking number.
Example:  EA184369254HK

We do our best to ship within 24 hours from receiving your order except in the weekends, Saturday morning (Hong Kong time) is the last shipment to go, orders placed later will be shipped Monday morning, Please keep in mind the time difference, Standard Time +0800 UTC Please note that we theoretically cannot ship to a post box, we need a physical address because there needs to be somebody available to sign for collecting the package. In case of any problem, please mail to:


Please note that some countries occasionally can charge extra import taxes, doesn’t happen many times but happens. this is on the responsibility of the buyer,
If you want to avoid this please use SpeedPost instead of e-Express as shipping option, in this case we are shipping from within Europe.

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